Two Different Direct Action Groups, 99% Spring and OCCUPY, Lots of Activities to Choose From.  Come Tell Wells Fargo how you feel.

Monday, April 23: 4pm to Midnight – in 2 DAYS!

From Occupy

Occupy Wells Fargo!!

Forgery in Chief

California at Montgomery St (Montgomery BART), SF

Teach-Ins, Music, Film Screenings, Food and more.

Please come join the Occupation the day before the 99% Take-Over of the Wells Fargo Shareholders’ Meeting. Put a spotlight on issues that affect us all: Foreclosure Fighters, Students, the LGBT Community, Feminists, Anti-War activists, Immigrants, Prison Abolitionists, Environmental/Sustainability Folks, and Workers. Come and share stories of how Wells Fargo/Banks/Wall St has affected you, your organization, or your community.



4-5 pm: Outreach to Financial District workers and other 99%ers

5-8 pm: 99% SPEAK OUT:

Come hear the stories and struggles of people on the front lines of the communities and movements of the 99% — impacted by and fighting Wells Fargo, big banks and Wall St.:

5-5:30: Foreclosure Fighters
5:30-6: Labor
6-6:30: Immigrant rights/Prisons/Detention Centers
6:30-7: Feminists
7-7:30: Students
7:30-8: Environmental Sustainability

6-9 pm: Nonviolent Direct Action Training:

Prepare for the take over of the Shareholder Meeting the next day. Hands-on skills and info about how to engage in effective direct action and occupation, tools for de-escalation (and escalation) and dealing with arrest and legal consequences.

8-9 pm.: Outdoor Film Screenings by Occupy SF Media:

A series of short documentaries on Foreclosure Fighter Victories, Bank Occupations, and Subervtisements.

9pm -Midnight: Silent Movies & Music and Wells Fargo Teach-In hosted by the Occupy SF Ideological Liberation Work Group

This Occupy SF-organized occupation will not risk arrest or stay overnight; we aim to spread the word about why thousands of us will be taking nonviolent direct action and protesting at Wells Fargo Shareholders’ Meeting the next day. Bring banners, food and your friends.

Tuesday, April 24th: 10 am 

Mike Heid is president of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage (WFHM), a division of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., and an executive vice president and member of the Operating Committee of Wells Fargo & Company.

99% Take-Over of the Wells Fargo Shareholders’ Meeting

Mass Nonviolent Protest and Direct Action

10am: Meet at Justin Herman/Bradley Manning Plaza and march to Shareholders’ Meeting at Merchants Exchange Building, 465 California St @ Montgomery St., SF

Wells Fargo profits at the expense of our communities. America’s biggest tax dodger has its tentacles in many different areas of our lives: Wells Fargo leads the country in foreclosures and evictions for profit.  Wells Fargo is a predatory mortgage lender and student loan shark.  Wells Fargo is a prison & immigrant detention center profiteer.  Wells Fargo is corrupting our democracy.

The goals of our action are to:

1) Stop the Shareholder Meeting from occurring and convene a People’s Stakeholder Meeting.

2) Amplify the stories of all of us directly impacted by Wells Fargo’s predatory practices.

The April 24th mobilization is organized by a coalition of homeowners, clergy, immigrant rights advocates,

John Stumpf, Chairman and CEO of Wells Fargo

unions, occupy groups, tenant rights groups and residents from some of the hardest hit communities in the Bay Area and across the country. Get your friends, co-workers, occupiers, classmates, neighbors or folks from your group, take the day off and let’s make history together!


We are a coalition of homeowners, clergy, immigrant rights advocates, unions, occupy groups, tenant rights groups and residents from some of the hardest hit communities in the Bay Area and across the country. This action is part of a national series of mobilizations at big bank shareholder meetings. We intend to make history, win positive change for the 99%, and push to end the rule of the 1%.

We hope you will join us.


1) Stop the Wells Fargo Bank Shareholders’ Meeting from occurring and convene a People’s Stakeholder Meeting.

2) Amplify the stories of all of us directly impacted by Wells Fargo’s predatory practices.


We will demand the redress of the following grievances with Wells Fargo, which is profiting at the cost of our communities:

* America’s Biggest Tax Dodger – Hoarding billions of tax dollars that should be paying for public and community services and putting America back to work

* Foreclosure Leader – Continuing to foreclose on families in an economy it helped to collapse

* Predatory Lender – Targeting those who can least afford it with exploitative mortgages and payday lending, especially the low-income communities of color

* Corruptor of our Democracy – Protecting their own profits by quadrupling spending on self-serving lobbying since the financial crisis began

* Prison Profiteer – Profiting from increased incarceration by investing heavily in for-profit prison corporations and anti-immigrant legislation


Wells Fargo Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting is planned to take place on Tuesday April 24 at 1pm on the 15th Floor of the Merchants Exchange Building, 465 California (at Montgomery) across the street from Wells Fargo Headquarters at 420 Montgomery in San Francisco’s Financial District. If the shareholder meeting does take place, we will have people inside with proxies who are connected to our coalition to attend on our behalf.


We are asking all participants in the April 24 mass mobilization to agree to remain nonviolent and to refrain from damaging property.


The 99% Take Over the Wells Fargo Shareholder Meeting

From 99% Spring

San Francisco, CA

April 24, 2012 10:00AM to 05:00PM

Hosted by Robbie Clark

Event Description:Meet at Justin Herman Plaza at 10am at The Embarcadero in San Francisco to join us for a march and mass protest to stop business as usual and demand that Wells Fargo shareholders meet the peoples’ demands!
Event Type: Shareholder Meeting
465 California Street
San Francisco, CA

From Mark Calvey:

Wells Fargo will face one of its most contentious annual meetings in years when shareholders gather April 24 across from the bank’s San Francisco headquarters.

Occupy protesters say they plan two days of protest tied to the annual meeting, including a gathering a few hours before the meeting at San Francisco’s Justin Herman Plaza and a march to the annual meeting that starts at 1 p.m. One building manager in downtown San Francisco says the city’s police are suggesting businesses close for a half hour as protestors march by on their way to the annual meeting.

For its part, Wells Fargo is quick to point out that since January 2009, the bank has helped more than 733,000 customers with loan modifications, and has helped customers through $4.1 billion in principal forgiveness.

But that’s not likely to keep protesters away next week. Organizers say they’re planning to attract 2,000 protesters to Wells Fargo’s annual meeting to voice their concerns over a broad range of issues including foreclosures and the level of taxes paid by the bank.

Protesters affiliated with the Occupy movement say they’re targeting the annual meetings of 36 companies this spring to air their concerns, Reuters reported this week. Wells Fargo’s gathering April 24 will be the site of the first showdown. Protesters are eager to stop the meeting from being held, the news service said.

“We will be prepared to ensure the annual meeting runs smoothly,” Wells Fargo spokesmanAncel Martinez told Reuters. Bank insiders suggest shareholders planning to attend the meeting arrive early since the meeting in the Julia Morgan Ballroom of the Merchants Exchange Building at 465 California St. is likely to reach capacity.

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