• ghina 101ab

    I am part of this case…almost every year not once did this issued not only a repeated injury on my part but the people involved not wanting to communicate with me..I called Mr Watson did not know what to say..recent phone call Mrs robin from Santa Cruz say nothing about it. In good cause I’ve lost home twice and I’m still stuck of not having any input on what going on…I can understand when the OR subject is private and public WHAT is that mean to me without knowing what going on behind closed door is ignorant on those w/o try to attempt to comply TO justice by having access to money..I hope this people will experience what I gone thru victimize by long gone lunatic aim to destroy anyone who get in way..to play the rule as there back up system really show how greed and money manipulator can does do the job.sec.1954.535 I DECLARE right under this rule.San Diego/albany Berkeley.

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