I dont know how many people take it upon themselves to challenge their bank; but I was an experience I will never forget. I challenged Chase on my mortgage based on TILA violations. The bank retained a large law firm in So. CA with 3 lawyers. So much motions and procedures to learn and apply as the case moved along in the last year. Finally, the case went to trial yesterday. The court finally rendered judgment in plaintiffs’ favor in voiding the deed of trust. As far as the outstanding loan, it is forfeited and the bank would have to take that lost. Furthermore, the court imposed statutory damages of $4k for each violations which amounted to about $16k.

I am in the process of preparing the judgment for the court to sign along with tax cost. Believe it or not, I have expended over $10k in cost alone; which includes expert witness cost.

So much research was done and I hate to see it goes to waste. If you have access to PACER, everything is there for public use. Best of luck to all fighting the bank now and keep up your spirit.

The Complaint

First Amended

Second Amended

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