• Privately owned Trusts don’t need to file with SEC
  • Trusts are backed by Government entities, Fannie, Freddie, and insurance companies.
  • Documents are used to throw folks out of their homes, but also go to the government and get paid from government.  Tax payers are the government insurers
  • The documents were fraudulent
  • Greedy banks were authorized to obtain/underwrite mortgages for folks with 650 credit, been in community a long time, had good income. But Greedy banks wanted more mortgages
  • 8-10  million homes foreclosure by end of 2012, possibly much higher, some say 30 million in the pipeline
  • California number 1 in foreclosures
  • Property appraiser  website is a good source for information
  • Search with parameter of Wells Fargo…and search…Wells Fargo is the largest
  • Countrywide was the worst of all lenders, California Gov Jerry Brown’s sister Kathleen Brown was on their board in California

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