• Lender Processing Services parent company of Docx that was in Georgia, now out of business
  • Notaries notarized documents where the signer never appeared or when a name was never filled in.
  • Average value on mortgage was 321K
  • 500 million dollars was able to be transferred in one county in Florida alone with these fraudulent documents.
  • There are at least a dozen document mills
  • LPS Lender Processing Services 51 of nations largest banks
  • Largest beneficiaries in Palm Beach Co are Deutsche, American Home Servicing, and Wells Fargo
  • Home values have dropped more than 50% in Florida
  • The more foreclosures the more home value goes down. It hurts everyone
  • Wells Fargo is the number 1 foreclosing banks.
  • Jeff Thigpen, County Recorder of Guilford County, North Carolina is a major hero in calling for banks to be brought to justice.  He called for County to remove money from Bank of America
  • John O’Brien in Mass is another county recorder that has shown great courage in leadership calling for accountability.
  • Aurora  is the servicer for all the Lehman Bros loans. Aurora has foreclosed on many homes fraudulently

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