• JP Morgan Chase one of the worst offenders of foreclosing on military service members while on active duty
  • Judges do not seem to concern themselves with the fact that the foreclosing bank has nothing to with the bank a family borrowed the money from.
  • Robo-signers were frequently temporary employees that had no idea what they were signing.  They were hired just to provide signatures.
  • Robo-signing and surrogate signing are signs of fraud
  • The income stream from mortgages was what was sold to investors
  • Lynn goes on to begin explanation of securitization
  • The securitization process covered for everything, but the one thing they didn’t account for was that the documents were to be actually kept in a vault, but they never accounted for the records.
  • Instead they hired folks to create fraudulent documents that would allow them to foreclose as fast as possible.
  • Upon deposition, many of these signers had no idea what they were signing.
  • A signer must always personally appear before a notary, and on these fraudulent documents a notary never saw the fraudulent signer

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