• At times banks produce documents that show they didn’t acquire the mortgages until after they put the home in foreclosure
  • Because of MERS counties have lost millions of dollars in assignments of mortgage.
  • Many states have agreed with the use of MERS, but they never accounted for the massive loss of revenue nor the protection of their citizens
  • Many folks never know who is foreclosing on them until they are evicted from their homes
  • Many more country recorders and states are now taking action against MERS and the mess MERS created.
  • California has taken no action and has allowed the Wall St Banks to steal California citizens’ homes
  • Gov Jerry Brown’s sister was a Board Member of Countrywide in California, which was notorious for predatory loans.
  • Many families have been successful in remaining in their homes because of Occupy groups
  • Judges appear more concerned with their pensions than the fact that they are ruining hundreds of thousands of American families.

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