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    We are victims of a NJF foreclosure fraud. My fiance’s corporate sole purchased a bed an breakfast in 2004 that it could never use. We hold possession of the property and The seller who is now deceased used the property as bait and sold it to another buyer prior to us who won $225K for fraud. Then my fiance came along and was sold the the same property, and defrauded. He paid a great deal of money and the seller continuously harrassed him and wanted him to pay more beyond the contract. The seller tried to get a foreclosure but it was denied. My fiance won a 200K jury award for fraud in that case, and my fiance was ordered to pay the balloon payment which he did. The seller’s attorney then appealed the jury award claiming fraud was not plead with particularity, and several months later the judge overturned my fiance’s jury award. Finally on the seller’s deathbed in 2009, his attorney transferred the title of the property into a church, that was not in legal existence at that time, and later was confirmed never really existed. Then the attorney held a NJF foreclosure auction. The auction there was one shiller bidder, the sham church with the the overseer being a claimed “nephew” (homeless guy) of the seller. He purchased the property for $10 on a credit. The attorney claimed that we owed $375K which was the wrong amount he NJF foreclosed on and against the rules. The amount in question was 200K which was under appeal so the attorney had no right to NJ foreclose. Then a few months later the title was transferred into the a strawman, a homeless guy’s name. The seller’s attorney filed mortgage note with the state, loaning the shill grand nephew 50K claiming that if he did not pay the taxes, then the attorney would own the property. OF course a homeless guy has not paid any taxes. we have been paying them, even though the taxes and title and other security documents have been illegally transferred into the strawman’s name. We hired a PI that confirmed that the “nephew” was unrelated to the seller. The attorney for the seller then later claimed the shill was the sellers’ “grand nephew.” The attorney has filed two previous ejectment actions in the district court which was dismissed for lack of jurisdiction. He was then forced to file it in the current court. Going pro se’ we removed it to Federal court (where we hoped to get a fair trial finally) and there we had the attorney disqualified to be a necessary witness at trial. The district court then remanded it back to state court in Kona on the Big Island. The seller’s attorney hired a new attorney to represent the strawman. The new attorney managed to get all of our counterclaims dismissed for lack of standing because the judge said my fiance cannot represent his corporate sole that was the buyer of the property, and would not hear the argument that my fiance was the co-signer. Our corporate sole had been legally dissolved a while back because the seller’s attorney kept suing it and we had to pay for attorneys each time to defend it. We filed a quick claim deed into my fiance’s and my name so we could represent ourselves before the dissolution of the corporate sole. The corporate sole had been defaulted because we did not believe we needed to defend a corporation that was dissolved any longer. We now need an attorney to set aside the default and defend the corporate sole or we will lose our house. We need a sharp attorney who sees the injustice and can help us. Please get back to us as soon as possible. We believe the next move will be for this opposing attorney to file a summary judgement against us and that would be horrible since the strawman has no standing nor the attorney that has been disqualified. Neither one is on the original note or listed on any will. Can you recommend a great attorney to represent us against this outrageous injustice in Hawaii? We need a defense attorney in this fraudulent quiet title action. Thanks

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