Are the Judges AND the Defendant’s Bullies?? You have to wonder when you read about the following case.

Typically, when a homeowner goes to court to sue their Pretender Lender for a Quiet Title Action, both sides present their case. One side wins, one side looses. The court does not order the homeowner to change their complaint to fit what the defendant wants but to what changes need to be made to the original complaint. If the amended complaint meets the Judge’s approval then the case proceeds. Or, if not then the defendant’s may win their request to have the homeowner’s case dismissed. In that case, the homeowner often receives a final order dismissing the case and permitting the homeowner to appeal.

The following case being heard in the Ninth Circuit Court of the Central Division in Los Angeles is so bizarre what Judge Dolly Gee and Magistrate Jay Ghandi have done until it defies understanding. You Decide.

The homeowner filed a Quiet Title lawsuit against US BANK NA and MERS. The Bank’s attorney filed a Motion to Dismiss the homeowner’s case. The homeowner defended and argued back that none of the arguments made by the defendant were legal nor fact based. The defendant’s never argued to defend against what the homeowner filed against the bank’s arguments. In most court rooms across this country that would mean that the defendant’s would loose their request to dismiss the case. But instead the court did the following very bizarre actions:

The court ordered the homeowner to change the lawsuit from one which amounted to being a foreclosure lawsuit instead of a Quiet Title lawsuit. The problem the court and the defendant’s were having is that the plaintiff did not have to produce tender or  a bond because of the legal theory presented and the fact the home had not been sold. What then happened was what appears to be the court’s intentional stalling in order to put the homeowner in to a position where she would not be able to fight the case as a Quiet title without producing tender or a thousands of dollars. The judge then, told the homeowner if she did not amend the complaint it would be dismissed as a prosecutorial dismissal, which basically means you were defiant and bad for not doing what I told you to do.

The homeowner asked the judge to please dismiss the case so she could proceed to the ninth circuit, but to not add the word “prosecutorial” as it sounded very negative, and afterall the homeowner only wanted to keep the Quiet Title lawsuit and not to have to change it to what the defendant’s wanted which is a Foreclosure lawsuit.

The homeowner has been waiting since February for the Court to Dismiss the case so that she can proceed to appeal her case.  The long waiting period has given the defendant’s just the advantage they hoped for to proceed to auction on the homeowner’s property, thus rendering her incapable of pursuing her lawsuit. Talk about Stacking the Deck! Wow! California Judges here play Hardball with homeowners who DARE to Stand Up to Banks! On March 15, the homeowner had a Trustee Sale Notice posted on her home. She requested the Judge for a Preliminary Injunction, temporarily stopping the auction sale. But after waiting three weeks for a response, with the sale date within three days the Judge issued a  “NO!” to the preliminary injunction WITH prejudice, meaning and you cannot come back and ask for it again. The judge made it very clear in the response that the reason was because the homeowner did not have a “operative complaint?” Why? Could it be because the Judge DID NOT issue a Dismissal allowing the Homeowner to file an appeal in the ninth circuit??

Why is the Judge or her Magistrate Holding THIS homeowner HOSTAGE? Could her COMPLAINT BE THAT GOOD?? SOMEBODY needs to read this complaint:  Veincentotzs v BNC and MERS  WHAT in the HECK is going on in CALIF COURTS with Judge Dolly Gee and JAY GHANDI??

  • Minister Johnson

    ( Johnson vs Wells Fargo Bank NA, ect – Appeal case # 12-17393 )

    Dear Investigators,
    I am very worried that you have not heard about the 60 Minute Robo-signing scam. However, it has done very little for individuals in the United States Eastern District Court of Sacramento California. I am writing you because we need your help here in Sacramento. You will not believe what I have uncovered here in this Federal Court house. I am sure this agenda is happening all over the country, but I have evidence that it is definitely here in this Court house. This Federal Eastern District Court has set out its own agenda policies without regards of the law and the victims of your report to on its own stop the mass filings of Quiet title claims against the banks. They do not want these cases in this Court house. They are making it so difficult for an ordinary Plaintiff to win his case even when they see that there is clear evidence of Fraudulent created and filed documents that have been presented to the Court. The Court here in Sacramento is intentionally ignoring and in those cases they are suppressing the fraud off the record of the Defendants Motions to dismiss hearings. If and when you decide to do an investigation you will see that the Judges are intentionally finding bogus reasons not to enforce California law. They are fully aware that their employer has sought prosecution of the same banks because of your report. The problem is, when you go into the Courts before the judges as an individual, the Judges refer to those same fraudulent robo signed documents as simple irregularities to justify Plaintiffs loss or dismissal of their cases. This is contrary to the law. It is Common Law that once a Court see’s the Fraud that the Banks have committed, they must leave the banks without a defense with no judgment in their favor. Plaintiffs automatically are supposed to win. The Court does not want to do this. The reason this is true is because the Court would be aiding and abetting the banks by allowing defendants to win. The Courts cannot do this. It is illegal. The Court Judges being under to stop cases from going forward to assist in straightening out the economy is the biggest story you will ever get. Go to Pacer and look up the Appeal case information as to when the Plaintiff took over the case. You will see what the Courts did. You want a big award winning case? here it is
    What happens when a Judge doesn’t want to let the homeowners win because many people will have a free house? The California Court Judges have said that they do not want to give away free houses. This is why they are illegally depriving Plaintiffs of their Due Process right and of a fair hearing. They are doing the job of trying to fix the economy, stopping law suits from being filed and being a Judge at the same time.
    There is a Conflict of interest in the Eastern District Court here in Sacramento because of this agenda. I am a victim of the Bank and now I have become a victim of the Court. Not only did I show the Court the fraud, I put the OCC report before the Court also. The Judge intentionally drafted its Dismissal Findings and Recommendations Dismissal order to construe around all the fraudulent evidence before it to prevent Plaintiff from winning his case. To further the fraud, the Court altered the trial transcripts in my case before it went to the Appeals Court. Plaintiff in his case was forced to file an Appeal even though he had won his case. Plaintiff has addressed all these allegations in his appeal. He also has supplied a motion for Judicial Notice showing evidence of several other rulings that this same District Court judge has entered. After seeing the fraudulent robo-signed documents the Judge still dismissed the cases. This unlawful Conduct has become so ramped that California Attorneys refuse to take Plaintiff cases even when they can show clear Mortgage Fraud. The Attorney’s here in Sacramento want to be paid and have said they do not understand why the Courts are refusing to enforce California law. My investigation shows the problem is with the Court Judges trying not to award homes to Plaintiffs. They believe that this will destroy the economy if banks were to lose as the law requires. Even though the banks are left defenseless the Courts are making drafting , and mailing false and fraudulent rulings by intentionally construing its written dismissal order around the law, case law and the evidence. This is a major problem because it is a crime.
    I don’t know why, but the District Court Judges here in Sacramento, seem to think that the bank mortgage fraud agenda is more important than a citizens Constitutional Rights. A citizen’s rights are not worth anything anymore if it affects the agenda of this Court. They are making the economy their own issue trying to help fix the economy over the Constitutional right of the victims.
    An investigation from your show will uncover the unlawful crazy and unethical rulings that the Judges are using to prevent these foreclosure fraud victims cases from proceeding to a jury. The main tool used by the Courts, is that a person cannot proceed with a Quiet Title Claim unless it tenders payment of the full debt. This has been used over and over again to simply stop the suit in its tracks even when the Court has seen the fraud that the banks have committed. It is wrong and unlawful. Can you please do a report on this? Can you please file a notice of interested parties in this case or a notice of journalist investigation? By your show doing this, it will force the Court to act right when they know an investigation is ongoing.
    Here is some information from my case. If you use Pacer you will see all the documents filed and you will see clearly the District Courts intentional fraud conduct. It is a shameful farce.
    Thank you and please do not hesitate to call me. This case will be bigger than the last report. Uncovering the fraud in a Federal Court house will be a big story.

  • Dennise

    We have successfully sued in state court on behalf of individual homeowners. First the bank screws up and then the lawyers for the bank jack up the loss to the bank. I had one case that could have been a 20k settlement but the lawyers did nothing for bank to settle until the week of trial. Or in another case the first day if trial. Making both six figure settlements. We kept both clients in their home. Federal court has not been friendly to these cases and perhaps are more impacted so take longer.
    Dennise Henderson. 916-456-2027

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