Washington Mutual foreclosed on property before receiving an assignment and transfer of the promissory note and the delinquent home mortgage and before recording it in the Warren County, Ohio, Recorder’s Office.

  • Jennifer Belknap

    Joon find out who really owns your mortgage. If your bank is not the true and current owner, you can sue them.

    • http://foreclosurenation.org/ Foreclosure Nation

      The courts frequently side with banks despite clear black and white evidence of fraud right before their eyes. Certainly not a reason to not keep fighting, it’s just a fact that we don’t follow a legal system anymore

  • Darla M Buckland

    This is my mother, we have been fighting this for 8 years. Today I went to the Local Court to view the Magistrates decision to vacate judgement.
    He overruled her, to complicate matters we were not aware the Court was holding hearings and was not privileged to the 14 day appeal timeline.
    I had been waiting to appeal this magistrate on multiple issues, My Mother is now 75 yrs old when this first began Wells Fargo had tormented and taken her money for years. They drove her to depression which the Magistrate (Hearing the case since the Original Judge committed suicide 3 days before the hearing , He was deeply depressed, instead of helping him they made fun of him)
    This Magistrate after hearing my mother state she was confused, depressed, couldn’t eat/sleep : decided it was inexcusable neglect
    I am not dropping this Wells fargo needs to be held accountable.

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