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Adjustable Rate Indexes explained

California County Recorder Offices and Contacts.

Directory of Occupy Groups around the nation and world.

Failed Banks and Who Owns Them Now

Housing and Economic Rights Advocates

Institute for Foreclosure Legal Assistance

Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles

National Association of Attorneys General

Southern Essex County Registrar of Deeds John O’Brien (County Recorder) If you are a victim of robosigning, contact their customer service department at 978.542.1704 to ask about receiving an affidavit as proof that a document being used to take your home contains a fraudulent or surrogate signed document. Active robosigners in the Sussex County office can be found here 

McDonnell Property Analytics Audit of The Essex South Registry of Deeds

Wells Fargo employees might  be found here  check through these pages

John G. Stumpf
Chairman & CEO
(415) 396-7018

Michael J. Heid
President, Home Mortgage

Pat Callahan
Chief Administrative Officer

Avid Modjtabai
Senior EVP, Consumer Lending

File Complaint to National Mortgage Settlement Monitor

  • stopfraudforeclosure

    New! First Audit of Recorders Offices in California for Foreclosures since the Economic Crisis: Video is the Press Conference held by Phil Ting Assessor/Recorder in San Francisco

  • Rick Morrow

    Nice but the link wont come up for the O’brien office….

    • Foreclosure Nation

      must be your computer…..the link works for me.

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