Another great short film.  Among a few other big corporations, Wall Street and the Big Banks are currently controlling our nation.  When the biggest corporate  fraud in history, clearly uncovered by the Federal Government and the State Attorneys General results in a National Mortgage Settlement without criminal indictments and those same criminals are allowed to continue with the same practices, clearly we are all in trouble.  Big money needs to be out of our government or we all lose.  The banks are stealing homes, and no one in government is doing anything about it. What’s worse is, the courts seem to protect the banks.

  • Ana

    Sorry. The people that are supposed to protect the american consumer is the US government by enacting rules, laws, regulations, etc. So the most corrupt is our governments. If Clinton would not have done away with the Glass-Steagall Act none of this would have happened. Capitalism is capitalism, markets, supply and demand, etc. Unless we go back to the barter system or communism which is totally controlled by the governments. Governments are the corrupt ones by serving themselves instead of serving the American people. Throw them all out.

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